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This is a sample interactive html form which uses the BFormMail.pl script, a modified version of Matt Wright's FormMail.pl v1.6, a generic WWW form to e-mail gateway. The CGI script allows webmasters to create interactive forms to process feedback from their web site visitors either to place orders or ask for additional information. In this example, the script will parse the results of this sample form and send them to the specified user, typically the webmaster or the owner of a particular business.

This example form calles the BFormMail.pl CGI script and demonstrates the added features (courtesy reply, e-mail to fax and append to database). With special permission from Easylink Services Corporation, we are able to allow full testing of the e-mail to fax capabilities of this script.

This test script REQUIRES BFormMail.v2.1.192 which includes anti spam harvesting - see readme for more information.

For more information on Matt Wright's scripts, please refer to the documentation which can be found at: http://www.scriptarchive.com

To see a sample html form which does not use the additional features in the BFormMail CGI script (courtesy replies, e-mail to fax and append to database) please look at the FormMail sample form.

Be sure to enter correct e-mail addresses if you wish to receive the form results, a courtesy reply and/or a copy of the form results. These e-mail addresses will likely be the same. Typically, the recipient field would be a hidden field within the html file.

Your name: [required]
Company name:
City, State, Zip:
e-mail address: [required - for courtesy reply & cc_visitor]
How did you find us?
I would like to get a copy of what would be sent to the webmaster. (cc_visitor)

I would like to enable the EasyLink e-mail to fax service to see the form results sent to my fax machine.

If above box is checked, a complete valid telephone number is required, including "1" and area code formatted exactly like: 18005551212

Fax telephone number, including area code formatted exactly as above:

Please note:
use this test script to submit questions or feedback to the webmaster about this script or the InfoSheet service itself since the webmaster will not receive a copy of the form results. Instead, click here to visit and explore InfoSheet and our services, or click here to complete the InfoSheet feedback form, or click here to get more information on Easylink Services Corporation and the services they offer.